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Nine years ago, Rich Roll was your classic couch potato…overworked, overstressed, and 50lb. overweight, Rich was hurtling into middle age depressed and unenthusiastic about life. Then he had a health scare on the eve of his 40th birthday. At that moment Rich realized he not only needed to change, but he wanted to change. So he ditched the cheeseburgers, strapped on a pair of running shoes, adopted a plant-based diet and never looked back.Today, Rich is a globally recognized wellness advocate, bestselling author, public speaker, husband and father of four. He’s been profiled on CNN, and Men’s Fitness Magazine even named him one of the 25 fittest men in the world. Rich has made it his mission to equip others with the tools, resources and inspiration to not only manifest but actually sustain the healthiest, best, most authentic version of themselves. He firmly believes true wellness is not an elitist ideal; it’s a choice that’s accessible to all of us, irrespective of age or status. When he isn’t writing, podcasting or spending time with his wife Julie Piatt and four children, you can find him lost on the remote trails of the Santa Monica Mountains.

His life is devoted to helping people understand that achieving and maintaining balanced, optimal health is within their grasp. A good portion of his advocacy involves seeking out and promoting wellness visionaries — the doctors, researchers, and thought leaders who are working to create progressive, functional solutions to solve what ails us. At Summit Health Group he continues in that vein, in a very practical way, by aligning with top tier health care specialists that are looking toward what health care can be and not what it has been. While the audience for his work is global, he has always wanted to act locally first.  His participation with this group is his advocacy in action, in his own neighborhood.

To learn more about Rich Roll, please visit his website.

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