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Summit Health Group is a membership practice

that allows us to remain outside of the corporate medical industry

providing quality one-on-one care to our patients.  Our integrative approach

provides a personalized prevention and wellness plan customized for you.

Unfortunately, traditional medical reimbursements do not sufficiently fund

the type of personal medicine we deliver to our patients.  When conforming

to standards set by the insurance industry, quality of care is compromised.

We prefer not to allow current reimbursement structures dictate the level

of care you deserve.  Our Membership Fee allows us to maintain the

highest level of care for you.

Providing tangible, meaningful and valuable health care is our goal. 

We offer a variety of services from Primary Care, Chiropractic Medicine,

Physical Therapy to Integrative Medicine and Medical Weight Loss. 

Delivering this level of personal care requires that we limit the number of

patients we will serve.  Insurance and Medicare reimbursements are

designed to provide relatively modest payments for your entire medical care.

This requires medical practices to increase their patient visits per day which

reduces the doctor patient interaction time.  Reimbursement has decreased

over the years while costs have increased, focusing heavily on covering

“medically necessary” treatment versus preventative healthcare.  

We believe that extraordinary personal healthcare beyond what insurance plans or Medicare will cover is made possible when patients choose to invest in their health.  Our Membership Fee allows us to see fewer patients, spend more time with them, have shorter waiting room periods, and schedule same day appointments for established patients.  Additionally, for your convenience we also offer an onsite pharmacy, supplements, lab draw for acute illness and x-ray services.

Summit Health Group’s Membership Fee is modest compared to Concierge/MD VIP type practices ranging from $1800 to $2500 per year.   Current insurance standards reward reactive care (sick care) but not proactive care (preventive care).  Our Membership Fee enables us to provide you exceptional preventive and integrative medical care. 

We hope you prioritize this investment in your health, allowing us to commit the time and resources needed to care for you and your family.

As a Thank You for being a Member, please enjoy the following:

  • Access to Summit Health Group's 24/7 on-call service

  • 10% discount on in-house pharmacy & supplements

  • Waiver of form fees, an average savings of $100 per patient(Sports Physical, Employer Forms, Disability Forms, etc.)

  • Educational Series focused on your continued health & wellness lifestyle

  • Access to Summit Health Group's online patient portal

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