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Payment Policy



After receipt of your first bill, any outstanding balance is to be paid in full.  If any payment arrangements are 

Charges for medical services are normally due and payable at the time the services are rendered. If you have health insurance, it should be understood that this is an agreement between you and your insurance to pay certain amounts for your medical care. We are pleased to bill your insurance for you; however, you are ultimately responsible for the payment of your bill, regardless of the status of your insurance claim. Please be aware that if you have a secondary insurance plan, we will bill it for you as a courtesy once, and if no payment is received within 60 days, the balance will be transferred to you. Also, do not assume that just because you have a secondary insurance, that you will not have to pay a co-insurance.

If unusual circumstances should make it impossible for you to meet our financial policy terms, we invite you to call and personally discuss that matter with our billing department. This will avoid misunderstandings and enable you to keep your account in good standing. Except when special arrangements have been made, accounts 90 days past due may be referred to a collection agency. This may terminate the physician patient relationship.

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