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Chiropractic Care

"Whether it’s to get you out of pain, or to optimize your health and athletic performance, chiropractic adjustments are a powerful and effective tool." 

-Dr. Shay Shani 

Getting adjusted is about you and what your body needs, so at Summit Health Group, we make sure to tailor the adjustment to you.  They are never forced.  We provide a variety of gentle ways to be adjusted, so that your therapy helps relieve stress rather than adding to it. Just as one tool is not idea for every job, we recognize that chiropractic adjustments must be used appropriately.  We believe that knowing the actual cause of your pain is as important as treating it, so we spend extra time and energy to provide you with an accurate diagnosis.  This allows us to determine if you would be an ideal candidate for our therapy, or if you need to be referred to a specialist. 

The goal at Summit Health Group is to offer the most effective pain management and pain relief using both traditional medicine and natural methods such as chiropractic care.  Unlike so many practices that only focus on a single form of treatment, here you will find a team of doctors and other medical professionals who use all of the natural techniques and medical therapies available to alleviate pain.


Through a combination of both modern and age-old therapies including chiropractic care, physical therapy, and rehabilitative exercise, our patients experience pain relief that is both fast and longer-lasting than with medication and conventional therapy. If your treatment plan has you dependent on pain medication or requires a surgical solution, then maybe it’s time to get a second opinion elsewhere. We may have other options for you to consider–alternative treatments that are not typically a part of traditional medicine.

Do I need to have a referral from my doctor?

You do not.  Our chiropractors are considered direct access and you are not required to have a referral from your doctor

Is the therapy covered by insurance?

Chiropractic care is covered by most PPO plans and Medicare.  Our practice provides a complimentary insurance verification to determine your exact coverage prior to beginning treatment.

How long does it take before I feel better?

Although patients report immediate relief after treatment, it may take several visits to reach correction of the underlying cause of your pain.  It is our goal and commitment to our patients to never prescribe “endless” treatment plans.  Our team will put together the most efficient and cost effective plan that is tailored to each patient needs

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