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Jennifer Alwood Fitzgerald
Pilates Instructor
NPCP Nationally Certified Instructor

Jennifer Alwood Fitzgerald fell in love with the mind-body connection of Pilates after her very first session. As an athlete, she found that Pilates challenged her in a new and different way and made her strong both physically and mentally.


After close to a decade of practice, Jennifer decided to deepen her education of Pilates by becoming a teacher. She completed the 450-hour Pilates Teacher Training Program at YogaWorks in 2013, and has been teaching in the Conejo Valley area ever since.


Jennifer is dedicated to the fundamentals of Pilates and enjoys helping others reach their full physical potential and become more attuned to their bodies. Teaching a broad range of clients in a safe and challenging environment, Jennifer takes pride in continuing her education and fulfills her passion by teaching others.

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